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As a visionary we often find it hard to think practically, manage an intimate relationship, and be grounded with high priority actions. If you want to have great self-mastery and leadership you need to be able first and foremost become powerfully connected with yourself, stay relentlessly focused with your purpose, and learn to master your mind. That’s why here at the Volition we help you with just that so you can achieve the things that matter most to you.


Life Unscripted with Curtis Dean Harrier is a show dedicated to helping you become powerfully yourself. Hear captivating stories, interviews, and gain the tools that will help you turn your setbacks and challenges into your greatest comebacks for you to live an epic life. Learn how to become powerfully yourself the world needs you!


I know you want your relationship(s) to thriving, supported by a business you love, giving you the options to do what matters most to you, in order to do that you have to build a deep connection with the person that matters most yourself. The problem is finding someone who can truly help you is complicated and washed over with people who have no juice to get you the results you would love, which makes you feel overwhelmed and frustrated. You deserve a partner who knows how to get you results. I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in relationship doubts & insecurities that prevent your relationship(s) from feeling intimately connected, have your career plateaued, leaving you with feelings of being stuck there forever.


Feeling anxious and jealousy in your relationship that is preventing you from feeling deeply connected and seen, leaving you unable to express the real you and disconnected from your partner.


Desiring a new relationship but feeling burned by your past relationship(s) and just can’t seem to open up to create the new one.


Suffer from insecurity and doubt that makes you feel unworthy of having what you want.


A plateau in your businesses and or career that is leaving you frustrated and confused.


Past emotional trauma that keeps getting in the way of you moving forward and feeling relaxed.

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Bullymon Artist

Hey I’m happy to report that the studio went off without a hitch. the engineer even complimented me on how I knocked out the track with no issues whatsoever. I used your 7 and 7 breathing technique before they started to roll tape. I also meditated with your instructions and accepting failure and used it as a learning tool for growth. I have tackled the demon and feel stronger for it.

Ben Azadi

During our session I was able to recall memories that I thought had faded away forever. It was very surreal being able to relive moments early in my life that I had completely forgotten. Curtis was able to ask the right questions for me to open up, dig deep inside, and clear the pain. His process is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced. I left our session feeling uplifted and with less weight on my shoulders. Ben Azadi –


Hi Curtis! I’ve wanted to reconnect and let you know how I’m doing after out work earlier this year. I’ve experienced a big boost in my business and see I’m on track to meet my BIG goal thanks to our work. Can’t honestly say I’ve worked my values connections as you encouraged but if this is what happens with a modest focus, it would be very interesting to see a bigger commitment of my actions! Let’s find time to continue to work together.

Keith Miersma

Curtis, I’ve never been better. I’ve been super busy, and recently founded a new technology company, I am currently working the largest deal of my career at OnRamp, and so many other things going on. It’s like a door was opened and great opportunities are coming to me like gravity…(I imagine you have something to do with it, I’m saying yes to things I want and it’s working out). LOVE THIS IDEA!


Curtis’ compassion, intuition, and deep knowledge make him not only a beautiful being, but a trustworthy and strong coach/friend. In his company, with his words, I feel safe, guided, and completely open. he creates a space where vulnerability is of favor, a place of growth and self-empowerment. Together we have honestly dived into me, into places where I can help better understand myself – my whys, my hows, my whats, etc. Curtis challenges you, while creating a comfortable space around your personal uncomfortables (just made up this word up). I am grateful for you Curtis – for your guided structure, your mind, your heart, your truth. And for our weird talks about the universe and such.

Jayson Gaddis

Curtis is a warrior. He is deeply committed to helping you get the results you want in your life and he has just the tools to get you there.


Hello, my name is Curtis Dean Harrier, and this is my story:

After attending high school, I decided to enroll in a professional acting school. There, I was coached by one of the top acting coaches in the US. For seven years I felt the struggles of the highs and lows of the acting world. Little did I know of how much acting was a business as much as an art. Living audition to audition, hoping this would be the one to give me the big break and paycheck. Well the big break didn’t come, and the paychecks never seemed to be high enough. Although I was establishing great connections and had the opportunities to work with some high-profile actors, something was missing. I was living week to week, my relationship with my girlfriend at the time was just as volatile as my acting career. To the point of her punching me in the face and almost running me over with her car. I was beginning to think my life should have been a drama movie.

The world we live in thrives off of connection – the human connection of the head the heart; the deeper this connection with ourselves and others the greater the opportunities. Being part of a community lead by a visionary who is inspired by change & growth – this community is the safe space you have been looking for to facilitate the deeper meaning of your life.